College of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts

Location: Ag/Et, Room 222, 903-886-5175
Dean: William F. Kuracina
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The College of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts consists of the departments of Art, History, Literature and Languages, Music, Theatre, Political Science, and Sociology and Criminal Justice. The college also houses the popular Liberal Studies and Paralegal Studies degree programs, as well as the Communication Skills Center.

Curricular goals and learning outcomes promoted in these programs assure a well-rounded education in the humanities, social sciences, and liberal arts traditions.  We provide a strong emphasis on discipline-based scholarship, plus challenging opportunities to consider and construct solutions to issues facing our increasingly complex, multidisciplinary world. Core Curriculum courses offered by the college form the academic foundation for undergraduate students across the university. The undergraduate degree programs are designed to prepare students for entry-level careers or admission to graduate or professional schools. They also support the College of Education and Human Services by providing content areas for the teacher education certification programs. Advanced degrees at the master's level are offered in all of the departments, and a Ph.D. in English is offered through the Department of Literature and Languages. We serve our students, communities, and region by providing and promoting academic programs characterized by innovation, vision, multiple scales of excellence, and a commitment to literacy, justice, and civic responsibility.

The general requirements for admission to the programs of the College of Humanities, Social Sciences, and Arts are the same as those for Texas A&M University-Commerce as a whole.

COH 111 - Critical Thinking
Hours: 1-3
This course introduces students to theories of learning and critical thinking and provides a learning framework to apply them to their college and life experiences. Concepts studied include research and theory on how people learn, critical thinking, problem solving, perception, learning styles, memory, creativity, and how attitudes and values affect the learning and thinking processes. The course also shows students how to apply these theories and research findings to help develop practical skills in critical thinking, time management, reading, note taking, testing taking, other areas that will help them be more successful students and lifelong learners.

COH 112 - Scholastic Enhancement
Hours: 1
This course assists students in refining approaches and practices that can lead to enhanced scholastic success in college-level classes and academic activities.

GDRS 200 - GLB/Introduction to Gender Studies
Hours: 3
This interdisciplinary course provides students with an introduction to the theories and methods used in gender studies. Through the examination of a variety of topics, students will explore the ways that gender shapes societies and cultures historically and throughout the world.

GDRS 340 - Topics in Sexuality Studies
Hours: 3
This interdisciplinary course examines various problems and questions regarding human sexuality from the earliest times to the present, within the context of a comparative framework. Possible themes to be considered include: the intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality, transgender studies, gender and sexuality in a historical context, and masculinity studies, among others. May be repeated once for credit as topics change.

GDRS 400 - Gender Topics
Hours: 3
Topics in Gender Studies provides students with the opportunity to explore specific issues or ideas in more depth than afforded by other courses in the minor. This course is the required capstone for the Gender Studies minor.

GDRS 425 - Gender, Culture, Society
Hours: 3
Through various topics, themes, and readings, this course explores issues in gender, culture, and society that highlight the complex ways that gender is manifested in various cultures from historical, contemporary, and global perspectives. This course offers a variety of interdisciplinary approaches to assessing the role that gender plays in social and cultural development. May be repeated for credit as topics change.

GDRS 497 - Special Topics in Gender Studies
Hours: 3
Special topics. May be repeated for credit as topics change.