Officers and Faculty

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Board of Regents

Name Residence Term Expires
Hon. Charles W. Schwartz, Chairman Houston 2019
Hon. Elaine Mendoza, Vice Chairman San Antonio 2023
Hon. Tim Leach Midland 2023
Hon. Cliff Thomas Victoria 2023
Hon. Phil Adams Bryan/College Station 2021
Hon. Robert L. Albritton Fort Worth 2021
Hon. Bill Mahomes Dallas 2021
Hon. Anthony G. Buzbee Houston 2019
Hon. Morris E. Foster Austin 2019
Hon. Stephen F. Shuchart Houston 2018


Name Dates
W. L. Mayo 1889-1917
R. B. Binnion 1917-1924
S. H. Whitley 1924-1946
A. C. Ferguson 1946-1947
James G. Gee 1947-1966
D. Whitney Halladay 1966-1972
F. Henderson McDowell 1972-1982
Charles J. Austin 1982-1986
Jerry D. Morris 1987-1997
Keith D. McFarland 1998-2008
Dan R. Jones 2008-2016
Ray M. Keck 2016-2018
Mark J. Rudin 2018-

Officers of the Administration and Special Administrative Services

Name Title
Mark J. Rudin, Ph.D. President
Linda King, B.B.A. Chief of Staff
John Humphreys, D.B.A Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Alicia Currin, B.B.A. Vice President for Business & Administration
Keturi Beatty, M.A. Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Noah Nelson, B.S. Vice President for Media Relations & Community Engagement
Tim McMurray, M.S.A. Athletic Director
Heidi Bryan, MBEC Chief Compliance Officer

Division of Academic Affairs

Name Title
John Humphreys, D.B.A. Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Madeline Justice, Ed.D. Associate Provost, Faculty & Administrative Affairs
Ricky Dobbs, Ph.D. Associate Provost, Academic Foundation
Shonda Gibson, Ph.D. Associate Provost, Institutional Effectiveness
Shanan Gibson, Ph.D. Dean, College of Business
Lee Young, Ph.D. Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management
Matthew Wood, Ph.D. Vice Provost for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies
William Kuracina, Ph.D. Dean College of Humanities, Social Sciences & Arts
Brent Donham, Ed.D. Dean College of Science & Engineering
Tim Letzring, Ed.D. Dean College of Education & Human Services
Randy Harp, Ph.D. Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences & Natural Resources
Raymond Green, Ph.D. Dean, Honors College
Yvonne Villaneuva-Russell, Ph.D. Dean, University College
Executive Director for Global Programs
Berri O'Neal, Ed.D. Executive Director of Extended University
Lanee Dunlap, M.S, M.B.A Director, Libraries

Division of Business and Administration

Name Title
Alicia Currin, B.B.A Vice President and CFO
Paula Hanson, B.B.A, C.P.A. Associate Vice President and Comptroller
Edward Romero Ph.D. Chief Human Resources and Diversity Officer
Derek Preas B.A.A.S. Director of Safety and Risk Management
Tina Livingston, B.B.A., M.B.A. Associate Vice President and Chief Budget Officer
Travis Ball, B.B.A., M.S. Chief Procurement Officer and HUB Coordinator

Division of Media Relations & Community Engagement

Name Title
Noah Nelson, B.A. Vice President
LaValle Hendricks, Ed.D. Community Engagment Coordinator
Paul Bryan, M.F.A. Director of Web Applications
Scott Cason, M.A.T. Chief Marketing Officer
Tanya Charles, M.B.A.M Director of Marketing Operations
Tresa Chambers, M.S. Director of Communications
Jerrod Knight, B.S. KETR General Manager
Mark Haslett, M.A. KETR News Director

Center for IT Excellence

Name Title
Tim Murphy, M.B.A Chief Information Officer
Columbia Advisory Group Employees
Rob Tellone Vice President, IT Service Delivery
Jeff Faunce, B.S.C.I.S Director of Infrastructure Services
Chris Frost, M.B.A., PMP Director, Student Information Systems
Alex Heath Associate Director, CITE Support Services
David Fortin, B.S.C.S. Director, Application Solutions
David Maxwell Information Security Officer
Melissa McCall, M.S., MIS, PMP Direct, Project Management Office
David Hoyle, AE Associate Director, Desktop Support
A&M-Commerce Employee
Lydia Harkey, M.Ed. IT Communications & Training Manager

University Police

Name Title
Donna Spinato, B.S. Chief, University Police Department
Bryan Vaughn, M.S. Assistant Chief of Police
Jason Bone Lieutenant, Crime Information/Clery
Kyle Lowe, B.S. Sergeant, Criminal Investigations
Glen McCull Sergeant, Criminal Investigations
Jeff Hundley Sergeant, Patrol Division
Chad Ballard, B.S. Sergeant, Patrol Division
Lance Sharp, B.S. Sergeant, Patrol Division
Lisa Rudd Communications Supervisor

Division of Institutional Advancement

Name Title
Keturi Beatty, M.A. Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Wyman Williams, B.S. Assistant Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Derryle Peace, M.S. Director, Alumni Relations
Jill Mobley, M.S. Associate Director of Annual & Special Programs
Brenda Morris, B.S. Director, Advancement Services
Devin S Girod Senior Director of Development

Division of Enrollment Management

Name Title
Lee Young, Ph.D. Associate Vice President, Enrollment Management
Jody Todhunter, M.S. Director, Undergraduate Admissions
Maria Ramos, B.A. Director, Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships
Paige Bussell, B.B.A, M.B.A. Registrar
Kristen Neely, M.S. Director, First-Year and Transition Programs
Fred Fuentes, Ed.D. Director of Student Diversity & Inclusion

Campus Life and Student Development Programs

Name Title
Thomas Newson, Ph.D. Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students
Assistant Dean of Campus Life and Student Development
Patience Bryant, Ph.D. Associate Director of Campus Life and Student Development
Executive Director, Campus Life & Student Development
Linda Clinton, Ed.D. Director, Counseling Center
Nick Patras, M.S. Director Counseling Center
Director, Morris Recreation Center
Kari Osborne, M.S. Associate Director: Programming & Staff Development
Justin Crossland, B.S. Assistant Director: Outdoor Adventure
Jamie Thayer, M.S. Assistant Director: Fitness and Wellness
Stephanie Nielsen, M.S. Assistant Director: Morris Recreation Center & Aquatics
Katie Thomas, M.S. Assistant Director: Intramural/Club Sports
Ashley Ortiz, MA, LPC Interim Director, Career Development
Michael Stark, M.Ed Director, Residential Living & Learning
Shetina Jones, M.A. Associate Director, Residence Education
Gwen Young, M.S. Associate Director Business Operation
Katy King, B.S. Assistant Director of Guest Services
Kathy McGrath, M.S. Assistant Director Hall Operations
Maxine Mendoza-Welch, MPAS, PA-C Director, Clarence G. Allen Student Health Center
Chandra Oud, MPSA, PA-C Associate Director
Helena Hortman, B.S. Director, Children's Learning Center
Danielle Davis, M.Ed. Director of Leadership, Engagement & Development
Crystal Hardeman, M.Ed Associate Director (LEAD)
Joshua Moore, M.Ed Associate Director (SEEDS)
Deepti Chadee, M.S. Interim Director of Student Activities & Special Events
Jeremy Sippel, M.S. Assistant Director, SGA & Student Organization
Brittany Siska, M.S. Assistant Director
Veronica Reed, M.S. Director, Trio Programs
Darnisha Hines, M.Ed Director, Student Support Services
Deirdre Hill, Ph.D Assistant Director of the Ronald E McNair Program of TRIO
Rebecca Tuerk, M.Ed. Director, Disability Resources and Services
Director, Fraternity & Sorority Life
Genia Wilson, M.Ed Assistant Director for Fraternity & Sorority Life
Rasheda Garvin, M.Ed Associate Director of Student Disability Resources & Services

The University College

Name Title
Yvonne Villaneuva-Russell, Ph.D. Dean, The University College
Hattie Powell, Ed.D. Director, Testing Center
Pamela Webster, Ed.D. Director of Math Skills Center
Katrina Watkins, M.S. Advising Coordinator, The University College

Honors College

Name Title
Raymond Green, Ph.D. Dean of Honors College
Jennifer Hudson, M.S. Director, Regents' Scholars Program and Quality Enhancement Plan
Brittney Yager, M.S. Honors Academics Coordinator

Regents Professors

Date(s) Name
1995 Dr. Dev R. Chopra, Professor, Physics
1995 & 1997 Dr. James A. Grimshaw, Professor, Literature & Languages
2000 Dr. Augustine C. Arize, Professor, Business Administration & MIS
2003 Dr. Kenneth R. Ashley, Professor, Chemistry
2005 Dr. Wayne Linek, Professor, Curriculum & Instruction
2008 Dr. Theodore Hansen, Music
2009 Dr. Stuart Anderson, Professor, Mathematics
2010 Dr. Edgar J. Manton, Professor, Business Administration & MIS
2011 Dr. R. N. Singh, Professor, Sociology & Criminal Justice
2012 Dr. Bao-An Li, Professor, Physics & Astronomy
2013 Dr. Jon Travis, Professor, Educational Leadership
2014 Dr. Ben W.L. Jang, Professor, Chemistry
2015 Dr. Srinivas Nippani, Professor, Economics & Finance
2016 Dr. Larry Lemanski, Professor, Biological & Environmental Science
2017 Dr. Mildred Pryor, Professor, Management

Mayo Professors

Date(s) Name
2000 Dr. Ann Moseley, Literature & Languages
2005 Dr. Richard Fulkerson, Literature & Languages
2010 Dr. David Brown, Curriculum & Instruction
2013 Dr. Mildred Pryor, Marketing & Management
2017 Dr. Alma Mintu-Wimsatt, Marketing & Business Analytics

Professors Emeriti

Date(s) Name
1987 Dr. William L. Dorries, Professor, Economics
1994 Dr. Dorys C. Grover, Professor, Literature & Languages
1995 Dr. Roger K. Arnold, Professor, Agricultural Sciences
1995 Dr. Paul Johnson, Professor, Counseling & Guidance
1995 Dr. Kenton E. Ross, Professor, Accounting
1998 Dr. Robert M. Noe, Professor, Marketing & Management
1998 Dr. Frank Lutz, Professor, Educational Administration
1999 Dr. Donald R. Hakala, Professor, Finance
1999 Dr. Suzanne McCall, Professor, Marketing & Management
1999 Dr. Donald Reynolds, Professor, History
1999 Dr. John Lamb, Jr., Professor, Mathematics
2000 Dr. Glenn Fournet, Professor, Psychology
2000 Dr. A. Lynn Turner, Professor, Educational Administration
2000 Dr. Max E. Jobe, Professor, Educational Administration
2000 Dr. Harry E. Wade, Professor, History
2001 Dr. Maximino Plata, Professor, Psychology & Special Education
2004 Dr. Jerry B. Hutton, Professor, Psychology & Special Education
2004 Dr. Edward H. Seifert, Professor, Educational Administration
2004 Dr. Ruth Ann Stephens, Professor, Educational Administration
2007 Dr. James A. Grimshaw, Jr., Professor, Literature & Languages
2007 Dr. Wendell Edwards, Professor, Accounting
2007 Dr. Charles Elliott, Professor, Political Science
2007 Dr. Charles Embry, Professor, Political Science
2008 Dr. W.R. Ogden, Professor, Educational Leadership
2008 Dr. Dev Chopra, Professor, Physics
2009 Dr. Paul Zelhart, Professor, Psychology
2009 Dr. Ann Moseley, Professor, Literature & Languages
2009 Dr. Jim Reynolds, Professor, Literature & Languages
2009 Dr. Richard Tuerk, Professor, Literature & Languages
2009 Dr. Bobby Carmichael, Professor, Accounting
2009 Dr. Richard Fulkerson, Professor, Literature & Languages
2011 Dr. Susan Espinoza, Professor, Educational Leadership *
2011 Dr. James A. (Jim) Vornberg, Professor, Educational Leadership
2012 Dr. Jon Jonz, Professor, English
2012 Dr. Harry Fullwood, Professor, Psychology & Special Education
2012 Dr. Dayle Yeager, Professor, Engineering & Technology
2012 Dr. Janet Walker, Professor, Business Administration & MIS
2013 Dr. Ben Doughty, Professor, Physics & Astronomy
2014 Dr. Farhad T. (Bill) Aslan, Professor, Mathematics
2015 Dr. Kenneth L. Clinton, Jr., Professor, Sociology
2016 Dr. Wayne M. Linek, Professor, Curriculum & Instruction
2016 Dr. Robert G. (Bob) Munday, Professor, Higher Education
2016 Dr. James W. (Jim) Tunnell, Professor, Higher Education
2016 Dr. Robert L. (Bob) Windham, Professor, Higher Education
2017 Dr. Jerry Parish, Professor, Technology Management
2017 Dr. Donald English, Professor, Business Administration
2017 Dr. Edgar Manton, Professor, Business Administration

Other Emeriti

Date(s) Name
1995 Dr. Trezzie A. Pressley, Dean Emeritus, College of Business & Technology
2002 Dr. Donald R. Coker, Provost Emeritus
2007 Dr. W. Joseph Webber, Dean of Students Emeritus
2007 Dr. Vicki T. Davis, Associate Professor of Home Economics and Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Emeritus
2008 Dr. Keith McFarland, President Emeritus
2011 Dr. James Conrad, Archivist Emeritus