Legal Studies Minor

This minor is designed to expose students who are interested in attending law school to a broad set of substantive topics and important analytic skills. Specifically it introduces students to substantive areas of the law; writing, philosophy & logic; data analysis; and the social sciences more broadly. Students are required to complete 18 credit hours to receive the Legal Studies Minor.
Required Courses
PHIL 2303GLB/US-Logic3
Area I: Law (Select one of the following)3
Legal Environment of Business
Courts and Criminal Procedure
Criminal Justice, Law and the Courts
Constitutional Law
Civil Libs & Civil Rights
Law, Politics, and the Judicial Process
Area II: Philosophy (Select two of the following)6
GLB/The Quest for Order, Justice, and Community
GLB/Liberty, the State, and the Person
GLB/The Age of Ideology
GLB/US-History of Philosophy I
US-History of Philosophy II
US-General Ethics
Area III: Data Analysis (Select one of the following)3
Intro to Research Methods
Applied Data Analysis
Intro to Social Research
Intro to Math Statistics
Essentials of Statistics
Area IV: Social Sciences (Select one of the following)3
Advanced Criminological Theories
Institutional (jails, prisons) and Community Corrections
GLB/US-Prin Macro Economics
Economics of Personal Finance
Intro to Public Policy
Total Hours18