Applied Arts and Sciences

The BAAS degree program prepares students for managerial careers in technical fields. This program offers a seamless transition from an associates of applied arts and sciences degree in technical fields earned from community colleges to a bachelor’s degree. Up to 85 semester hours may be transferred into the program, and the remaining courses may be completed online.

Core Curriculum Courses
See the Core Curriculum Requirements 42
Required courses in the major
BAAS 301Designing Your Future Work3
BAAS 303Professional Communications3
BAAS 326Exploring Spreadsheets3
BAAS 345Leadership Techniques3
TMGT 350Principles of Technology Management4
BAAS 351Planning, Budgeting, and Decision Making3
TMGT 358Essentials of Project Management3
BAAS 408Problem Solving with Databases3
BAAS 443Professional Standards3
BAAS 445Ethical Decision Making3
Advanced Electives
6 sh from the following list or Advisor Approved:6
Environmental and Safety Management
GLB/Organizational Behavior
Risk Management
Research Methods
Organizational Dynamics and Diversity
Capstone: Designing Your Life
Hours in a career, technical or vocational career
41 sh required41
Total Hours120

All required courses in the major and advanced electives must be completed with the grade of “C” or higher.