Equine Studies B.S.

University Studies Requirements
Core Curriculum Requirements42
Required Courses
ANS 1319
ANS 1119
Introduction to Animal Science
and Introduction to Animal Science Laboratory
EQSC 240Introduction to Equine Science3
ANS 319Anatomy and Physiology of Domestic Animals3
EQSC 140Introduction to Horsemanship and Equitation3
ANS 308Animal Nutrition3
EQSC 2321Horse Evaluation3
15 SH from the following:15
Intermediate Horsemanship and Equitation
Advanced Horsemanship
Equine Exercise Physiology
Advanced Horse Evaluation
Stock Horse Equitation
Equine Marketing and Sale Fitting
2-Yr-Old Horse Training
Equine Training
Equine Industry Tour
Stable Management
Equine Enterprise Management
Intro To Agriculture
Professional Agricultural Communications
GLB/Appld Ethics US World Ag
Select one of the following sequences.*
Introduction to Plant Science
and Introduction to Plant Science Lab
Introduction to Horticulture
and Introduction to Horticulture Laboratory
PLS 309Soil Science3
PLS 329Soil Science Laboratory1
PLS 326Forage and Pasture Crops3
ANS 419Diseases and Parasites of Livestock3
or EQSC 344 Equine Veterinary Techniques
Required Support Courses (with a minimum grade of D)
Agricultural Economics *
Survey of General Chemistry
and Experimental Survey of General Chemistry: Laboratory Section
General and Quantitative Chemistry I
AMC 423Natural Resources Management3
or AMC 424 Agricultural Safety
AG 405Internship Agri-Industries3
Select 6 hours from the following:6
Farm Management
Agricultural Marketing
Agricultural Finance
Agricultural Law
Minor Required
Electives Required
4 hours of electives required 4
Total Hours120

A grade of “C” or higher must be earned in all courses in this Major with the exception of the Support Course a grade of “D” is acceptable.