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MGT 439 GLB/Business Strategy

MGT 439 - GLB/Business Strategy
Hours: 3
This course provides a business capstone for the study of the overall functioning of various types of organizations. This course includes a brief study of strategic planning including mission statement development, analysis of external environments and internal organizational factors, development of strategic alternatives, selection of appropriate alternatives, implementation of strategies, and competitive strategies and dynamics. Special emphases are given to the integration and coordination of the functional areas within the enterprise. The case method and/or a business simulation will be used to provide practical experience in analysis and decision making in the solution of business problems. Prerequisites: Senior standing; MATH 176 or 1325, FIN 304; ECO 302; MGT 305, 307; MKT 306.

College of Business

...semester hours required and Senior Standing Required MGT 439 GLB/Business Strategy 3 Total Hours...